Year Ahead Reading / KEEP SAKE CARD / ANGEL CARD Thought for the day

Angel Card Message = ONLY £3.50

===Email or Text===

"Please note Text message will not include photo of chosen card" for the moment .

=Sometimes all you need is that reassuring message to help you=

For many years I have always asked my clients after a reading

to pick an Angel card for the final word as a closer to the reading.

It has never stopped amazing me how the chosen card message

is so spot on giving confirmation to the reading.

Cards NUMBERS == ONE == TWO == THREE == and FOUR

Sit quietly take a deep breath hold for a moment then breath out

Repeat 3 times look at the Angel cards .

The card you are most drawn to look at it ask your Guardian Angel for Help

A number should come to mind

Email this number to me and the number of the card you were drawn too .

I will then email a copy of your Angel card plus the message that comes with it no more just copy of what your Guardian Angel chosen card says

From a selection of Doreen Virtue Oracle cards and

GAIA Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno



NEW !!!!!!!!!!

Your MONTH Ahead Email reading starting any month

At the start of each month i will email you you're card

and a personal written message for that month

3 month trail offer £15

6 months £25

12 months you will also on your birthday month a little extra surprise.

============ ♥ ONLY £38 ♥ ==========

This would make an ideal Christmas / birthday present

(( A Gift for only a extra £3.50 You will receive a card and

There Mini Birth chart this will include there birth animal to give as a gift on the day )

1 card for each month

" OR "

12 month email reading starting any month

Example = you start in February your 12 cards will be up to end of January

Example = you start June your cards will be up to end of May

Like looking at a your monthly horoscope but these cards have been chosen by you

and the messages our just for you

You will be able refer to each month whenever you want even have a copy with you in your bag

1 card for each month 12 cards total

All you have to do is click on to my payment page pay by pay pal

email me your full name and date of birth

Plus chosen 12 random numbers from 1 to 78 Plus your favorite number

I will email back within 24 hours your 12 card year ahead reading.

A copy of each of your chosen cards along with a message for that month

Also a brief message that will round up the year ahead.

Also your birth animal sign plus a brief description.

============== ONLY £38 ============

A printed version is also available for £45

This is an email reading

£50 for a 12 month email reading and a card received each month .

I will also message you with what may have caused your path to change from what was expected to what is happening . This is a very good way to see through the tunnel to the light of any situation and enlighten you to the path your on .


Please note

If you are late ringing me that time may be deducted from your reading Also I will not answer the phone before confirmed time. Once reading is complete or time is up. The call will end .Please note I will only answer calls from the given number at booked times So you will not be able to contact me that way again unless booked .Plus I will not do readings on any other number so please do not ring me about your reading or any problem you have expecting another reading. You may however Email me and I will email you a card plus discuss your concerns

These are for entertainment purpose only 18 yrs plus

By Law i must add these are all for entertainment purpose only . I do not except any responsibility for your actions or choices .A reading is for that moment in time to give you food for thought noway intended to tell you what to do.You have your own free will to do as you please To chose to have a reading with me is excepting this and again i will not except blame for any action you take No one under 18 + can have a reading .