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Then the Internet went off!

The sun is shinning, birds are singing out side my window. Well they were when I started to write this page. Like so many of you out there I’m having trouble with the internet.

My temper reach boiling point, I’m on the look out for Someone,Thing to well shout at. WHY?

It’s funny how our moods can change, how we can get so court up in the moment that we do not see what is around us. Just what is in front of us at that moment in time? Because it’s let us down. And we want to do it now! that second.

The sun is still shinning, the birds are still singing, but we only see Red.

Well this time I didn’t when the net went off, I went out side did some gardening enjoyed the fresh air and the warm sun on my back, I made a nice meal and the family came over ,we ate out side talked till the sun went down. It felt good.

Being out side can help you connect with your self .Even if you live in a built up area

if you look hard enough you will find a small oases of flowers and a bench to sit on.

Taking time out for yourself is very important; it’s not being selfish,

it recharge your batteries. Making, every day tasks less mundane.

When you step back from a problem it helps you see it more clearly.

Life is ours to do as we will, and we have no one to blame but our selves.

If one day we realise where not as active as we were, our children don’t want to spend time with us because they are young adults with a life of there own to explore.

Where have all the years gone?.

So because the internet went off I found something special.

I was going to write about Angels how they are there for you.

Well I asked for help. Starting your own business takes a lot of work family and friends have to fit in, along with the house work garden and pets I was burning out.



Now switch Off the computor and go out side enjoy the wonderful world we live in.

or Phone someone close you havent had time to talk to GET THE MESSAGE!.