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Glastonbury Tarot cards Reader

I use the Glastonbury Tarot Deck By Lisa Tenzin-Dolma for readings

They bring the magic and spirit of the lovely town of Glastonbury to your reading . Giving you a reading that will enlighten you and fill you with joy .

Tarot Cards readings are a great way of gaining better clarity, or a different perspective on life. People often come to me when they’re at a particularly important crossroad in their life.

I also use Angel cards by Doreen Virtue / GAIA Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno. These bring a closer to a reading with a message from Spirit just for you

I paint from the heart and when spirit calls to paint usually 2am in the morning not good when your got to be up early for an event The results are worth it . All available to purchase Originals and prints .

Fairy / Angels ornamental figures All handmade each unique also make to order .

Reiki Attunement stage 1 to teacher/ Master

You can contact me By email amber_julie@btinternet.com

Mobile No text /call 07547 832037

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Stay safe be happy and if everything seem out of Control STOP count to Ten and take a couple of long deep Breaths .

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History of the Glastonbury tarot cards

I use the Glastonbury tarot cards By Lisa – Tenzin- Dolma They are not only beautiful to the eye they are based on a very old town in Somerset .

It has been said that being in Glastonbury is like living in a pack of tarot cards the people who are drawn to the town find them self’s on a journey like the fool card the trust and innocence at the start to the wisdom of the self-knowledge of the world card as your journey of self-unfolds

The area is embedded with history, myths and legions all the archetypes and symbols that are found in traditional Tarot cards are embodied in the old town. Lisa has managed to emerge the 2 together in this unique deck.

And Glastonbury is the heart Charka of Gt Britain

Every one has a key to open there minds here the voice within.

My Spirit guide comes to me through cards