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Friday the 13th The rightful meaning

Usually I put my favorite Friday 13th Black cat but this time let's restore its rightful meaning as a day that is doubly sacred to the Goddess, a day of good luck and special blessings. May you have an absolutely wonderful Friday the 13th!

Friday is the special day of the week which honors the Goddess because it is named for Freya, the Norse Goddess of Love. In ancient times, Viking weddings were traditionally held on "Freya's Day" to ensure the blessing of the Goddess on the marriage. But the most blessed of all Fridays were those that fell on the 13th day of a month. Thirteen is the number that is most sacred to the Goddess because there are 13 moon cycles in a lunar year. So Friday the 13th was doubly sacred to the Goddess and to those who honored the Divine Feminine.

When Europe was Christianize, one of the ways that the Church suppressed the Divine Feminine was by demonizing Friday the 13th. People were taught to fear this date and to fear the number 13 generally. Friday the 13th became synonymous with bad luck and misfortune, the very opposite of the meaning it had enjoyed in pagan times.

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I often have people come to me with work related stress.

I suggest they put a small hook inside their front door High up so they have to reach up . Then find a key that no longer fit anything.

Put the key in there hand and say out loud or in mind This key represent work It holds all my memories concerns and problems about my work. When I carry it with me i am at work But when I put it on the hook I am not at work and any problems concerns I have will be with the key not me .So i can rest and enjoy my free time as i will . Then put the key on the hook

At the start of each working day reach up take the key and put in your pocket, bag and say off to work we go . At the end of the day Reach up and put the key back on the hook and say my work is done

After a few weeks you will find you no longer need to say anything But the feeling of release as you reach up and put the key back on the hook will say it all

Every breath we take

This moment in time is our present the breath we have just taken is now our past the coming breath is the future as we breath in and out we are moving from present to future and so it continue till we take our last breath then we become the past as their will be no breath to move us to the future. Your Life is yours to live take control and keep breathing moving to the unwritten future that is new unspoiled less you let it be spoiled.

Are bodies our but a shell that keep our soul safe and allow us to live in this beautiful world it does not breve so we never really die So you never lose a loved one Just close your eyes and remember call their name our soul can roam so they will still be just a breath away.


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The Gold Paper

Some time ago a mother punished her 5 year old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper, money was tight and she became even more upset when the child used the gold wrapping paper to decorate a box to put under the tree. Nevertheless, the little girl brought the box to her mother the next morning and “said this is for you mummy “

The mother as embarrassed by her earlier over reaction, but her anger flared again when she opened the box and found it empty “ Don’t you know young lady When you give someone a present there’s supposed to be something inside the package?” The little girl had tears in her eyes as she said “Oh mummy it’s not empty - I blew kisses into it until it was full”

The mother was crushed. She fell to her knees and put her arms around the little girl and begged her forgiveness for her thoughtless anger.

An accident took the life of the little girl a short while later ------ and it is said that the mother kept that gold box by her bed all the years of her life,

This made me cry again when I typed it so heart breaking

Cherish your children and always give them your time.

My son lee did a painting by numbers for me when he was about 6 he had changed it a little so it looked. Like our cat nirvana who had sadly passed he’d kept it a secret from me when I saw it I was 0vercome by how much work he had put into it Perfect and all for me I still cherish it is in my office Now so I can see it Lee never really new how much it meant to me till I put it in my office and told him I realized then that even low I thanked him and said how nice it was when he gave it to me. 23 years earlier He had been hurt disappointed by my reaction I cannot remember all but I had a baby to look after so most likely got lost in duties that memory regret I hadn’t expressed my joy more.

IF THERE IS ONE Piece of advice I would give any young parent it is this one So when you receive a gift from your child Stop take a deep breath and enjoy the moment together not just see and feel express it Tell them how you feel

Then the Internet went off!

The sun is shinning, birds are singing out side my window. Well they were when I started to write this page. Like so many of you out there I’m having trouble with the internet.

My temper reach boiling point, I’m on the look out for Someone,Thing to well shout at. WHY?

It’s funny how our moods can change, how we can get so court up in the moment that we do not see what is around us. Just what is in front of us at that moment in time? Because it’s let us down. And we want to do it now! that second.

The sun is still shinning, the birds are still singing, but we only see Red.

Well this time I didn’t when the net went off, I went out side did some gardening enjoyed the fresh air and the warm sun on my back, I made a nice meal and the family came over ,we ate out side talked till the sun went down. It felt good.

Being out side can help you connect with your self .Even if you live in a built up area

if you look hard enough you will find a small oases of flowers and a bench to sit on.

Taking time out for yourself is very important; it’s not being selfish,

it recharge your batteries. Making, every day tasks less mundane.

When you step back from a problem it helps you see it more clearly.

Life is ours to do as we will, and we have no one to blame but our selves.

If one day we realise where not as active as we were, our children don’t want to spend time with us because they are young adults with a life of there own to explore.

Where have all the years gone?.

So because the internet went off I found something special.

I was going to write about Angels how they are there for you.

Well I asked for help. Starting your own business takes a lot of work family and friends have to fit in, along with the house work garden and pets I was burning out.



Taken from Soul and Spirit Magazine April 2013 issue

PSYCHIC Superheroes Psychic problem you’d like answered

Question for Tony Stockwell

“What is the difference between a psychic, medium and clairvoyant? Aren’t they the same?”

Tony says: “These terms are all too often used inappropriately when describing spirit workers. Generally speaking, a clairvoyant is someone who sees visions of a psychic nature, or receives images from the spirit world, while most mediums rely on all their senses – including hearing (known as clairaudience) and feeling (clairsentience) for their messages.

Many people mistakenly use the word psychic to describe all the aforementioned; however, there are many differences between these individuals and mediums, who actually connect with those in Spirit, rather than simply using their gifts to link into the energy of a living person, and pick up information about their present and future aspirations and lives.

Psychic readings are a great way of gaining better clarity, or a different perspective on life, and people will often go for one when they’re at a particularly important crossroad in their life. Those who ‘ve lost a loved one , or would like to contact someone in the spirit world, meanwhile, will need to go to a medium, who’ll usually be able to bring them some form of comfort, and reassurance that those who’ve passed still live on.”

Tony Stockwell is a world renowned psychic medium and a tutor at The Findlay College, Stansted Hall, and thought by many to be the home of British spiritualism.

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I would like to say like Tony Stockwell Psychic /medium, I believe most of us are a combination of the above.

Children our not Pawns they are Kings and Queens.

Children are not pawns to be used like in a game of chess to get what you want or to sacrifice if need be they should be cherished and protected like the king on a chess board Once lost it’s the end check mate in life there child hood cannot be repeated in adult hood the scares could cause them emotion problems. Once again the circle of their family life repeats its self-There child pawns to use emotionally black mail to get what they want for their good not the children’s.

Relationships break up There are more children living in 2 homes because their parents are divorced Then any other time this decade When a relationship /marriage break There is always one that hurts more if you add affairs Anger can fleer But to use your children to get revenge isn’t the answer As your children will lose in the end .If both parents love their children they should talk and put their feelings aside however wrong one was Yes not fear he / she had a affair He /she caused the break up This has nothing to do with the children who love need both parents . It is bad enough they will not see their father / mother as often as they did. 9 out of 10 feel guilty for the break up. Please put your children first If they are very young you can so easily get the other parent to stop seeing them because they get tired of all the argument every time they come round great for you But if the father /mother love their children You have stopped your children from getting that much needed love from that parent that will help them be balanced in life A big chip on their shoulders can develop if they feel that their father/mother does not love them They will feel it’s their fault there not good enough they find it hard to be in relationships confidence get effected Why BECAUSE YOU WANTED REVENGE FOR YOUR HURT .you cannot hurt Him / Her because they do not want you so you use what you have The children that you know he/she loves But it will be the children that suffer .So PLEASE STOP using your children as pawns start to treat them as kings and Queens protect them and do what is right for them not YOU!!!!.


Please stop see the situation before reacting on it because you may never forgive yourself

and a memory that could have been cherished may be one of regret remorse.

First thank you Spirituality Matters Magazine for this hope you do not mind me re writing it here for more to see


Thank you for Visiting Stay safe be happy and if everything seem out of Control STOP count to Ten and take a couple of long deep Breaths Many Blessing Julie xxx .