Julie Grimes Telephone reading Learn to read tarot cards Workshops Norwich Norfolk 
    • Do to the CORONA -VIRUS regulations I am currently unavailable for one to one readings, parties and workshops.

    • But not all is lost !!! 

    • Telephone readings 30 minutes for £18 

Introduction to Tarot cards (Please call me 07547832037 for more information)  

Start of a journey of discovery into the beauty of Tarot cards reading

3 hour workshop getting to know your cards history of Tarot

  £30 refreshments cake supplied usually 6+ attending held village hall 

(( If you combined this workshop with learn to read Tarot workshop you will receive a discount of £9 ))   

    • Learn to read Tarot Workshop 

      (Please call me 07547832037 for more information) 
    • With an experienced Tarot cards reader 25 years + and Teacher of how to read tarot cards 12 years + 

    •  Over the years I have developed a way were you will be able to connect

    •  and read Tarot Cards for your own personal use friends and family within a month  

    • Lean to read Tarot Workshop  1 to 1  only £39 + travel expenses 

    • why not get a friend or two and learn together at a reduced price of £30 each 

    • This workshop is split into 4 weeks 3 weeks internet use required

    •  and 1 two hour workshop at your house or Skype if your 25 miles+ from NR13 postcode   you are welcome to come to me.

    • For the reduced rate you do not have to be together for internet workshops.

    •   But you must all be together for the finale workshop 

    • At the end of the workshop you will have the knowledge to connect to your Guardian Angel ,work with your guide as well as confident to read your cards leaving  enlighten to the beauty of tarot and ready to start your own journey with your Tarot cards .

A Certificate will be given  on completion of the month workshop  


Hello my name is Julie Grimes I have been reading tarot cards for over 20 years +  and teaching people how to read tarot cards for 12 years +

 Friendly atmosphere

Learning how to connect to your Guardian Angel and Spirit guide Confidently read the story

that unfolds as each card is chosen putting all that information into the final answer to a question 

or seeing how the path ahead could turn out if you continue to follow the same path your on.

 What spread suits you . 

Like learning to drive it doesn't come overnight. Getting into the driving seat is the hard bit. Then it’s the time you spend learning to handle, and recognizing the signs. After a while it becomes part of you. 

Learn to read tarot workshop is to show you how to read tarot cards for your own personal use, entertainment purpose only. Not for commercial l use.  


 By LAW I must advice and say  

These are all for Entertainment Purpose Only 18 years




These are for entertainment purpose only  18 yrs plus



Please call me mobile no 07547 832037 or send me


an email amber-julie@btinternet.com and I will reply asp






                   Reiki Attunments stage 1 to Teacher/ Master. 

                              ALL FOR ENTERTANMENT PURPOSE ONLY 18 YEARS PLUS