Tarot / Angel Reading Party Earth Angels of Norwich

Local Tarot reader Julie Grimes  Norwich Norfolk  £10 for a 30 minute Telephone reading 

  • Do to the CORONVIRUS regulations I am currently unavailable for one to one readings, parties and workshops.

  • But not all is lost !!! 

  •  Telephone reading  £18 for 30 minutes!!!

  • £25 for 1 Hour+

    • Do to the CORONA-VIRUS regulations I am currently unavailable  parties and workshops.

    • TAROT  READING  PARTY unlimited guests == ONLY £80 + Travel expenses 

  • The Host will receive a free 30 minute Telephone reading at a later date or £10 off a hour  private reading

  •   (Can not be used with any other offer) 

  • This is for 2 hours  Please realize the more people the less time they have each  6 will receive approx 20 minutes each  12 will receive 10 minutes  more people less time If there is 13 plus It might be worth paying an extra £10 I will stay a extra 30 minutes so up to 15 people will receive 10 minutes each  

  • Like a more informal relaxed party!!

  •  Like a more informal relaxed party where you all sit together and we talk about tarot cards how to read them for yourself a one card message each some dowsing, finding your birth animal some Reiki  this will also be ONLY £78 for 2 hours   

  • This is unlimited guests .

  •  Also Host will receive a £15 voucher and guests will receive £10 voucher off a hour + private / telephone  reading

  •   To be used at a later date (Can not be used with any other offer)

  •    ====================== 


= Informal tarot party =

Is usually a mini 3 card reading for every one as they all site together, listening and making comment ,The host receives a personal Native American medicine wheel birth chart that i made for her and is given on the day so we can talk about it with the others every one will find there Birth animal ,time permits Dowsing how it can work for you.

Last week was invited to a party they learnt something ,some cried and laughter all round loads to talk about when I left ,she emailed me and thanked me said everyone enjoyed themselves some want to book a reading with me .That is what a party is all about.. 

For just a Tarot reading each 

 A private one to one reading with me .

Just find me a room or a corner where i can set up and everyone get a reading  

 Please remember this is for 2 hours so time of readings will be spread over that time period Example 4 people will have approx 30 minutes each  6 people will have approx 20 minutes each 12 people 10 minutes each .
 If there is 13 plus It might be worth paying an extra £10 for another 30 minutes so up to 15 people will receive 10 minutes each . £100 for 3+ hours ( up to 20 mins over ) 
I arrive 15 mins before start time to set up   
Please contact me on Tel 01603 720223 or mobile no  07547 832037 to arrange date time .
Starting Times from 10.30 am through to 7.30 pm

Spirit Guide by Amber 2010

Please call me to arrange time  and date once confirmed A £10 Non refundable deposit  can be made by using the Buy Now button to secure your chosen time and date.  index page and Payment Page (Paypal ) Earth Angels of Norwich Balance paid on day . 


By Law i must add these are all for entertainment purpose only . I do not except any responsibility for your actions or choices .A reading is for that moment in time  to give you food for thought noway intended to tell you what to do.You have your own free will to do as you please To chose to have a reading with me is excepting this and again i will not except blame for any action you take No one under 18 + can have a reading .


 By LAW I must advice and say  These are all for Entertainment Purpose Only 18 years