• EVERY TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY £10 for 30 minutes 

  • Telephone reading book a time slot between 9am to 6pm

  • "Its good to talk" 

ocal Tarot / Angel cards & crystal Reader Julie Grimes  Norwich Norfolk 
  • Do to the CORONA -VIRUS regulations I am currently unavailable for one to one readings, parties and workshops.

  • But not all is lost !!! 

  • Telephone reading 30 minutes for £18 

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Telephone readings payment can now be paid over the phone by credit card (paypal ) 

 PRIVATE , TELEPHONE & EMAIL  READINGS  Please scroll down for full details 

Your Year ahead Private = Telephone = Email  reading Now available 

 Tarot Cards Readings are a great way of gaining better clarity,
 or a different perspective on life.

 People often come to me

 when they’re at a particularly important crossroad in their life.

£40 for for a 30/40 minutes 
£50.00 for a  60+ minutes  

    To book a private reading "

    Once confirmed a non - refundable deposit of £10 

(PayPal payment page ) is required to reserve your day and time slot "

( This deposit will be deducted from final payment )". on receipt of payment I will email my address  

 If you would like me to come to you travel expenses 

At £5 for the first 10 miles + £1 per 3 miles will be added 

             Please call  07547 832037 or Email amber_julie@btinternet.com me 


== Why book a telephone reading with me rather than use a telephone service == 

A telephone readings at a set price starting from 

£20.00 for 15 minute 

 £30 for a 30 minute telephone reading 

 £45 for 1 hour telephone reading

 Pay a set price if it runs over a little the phone doesn't go off and you are not running up a bill.

Booking a telephone reading text me on 07547 832037 

 From 9 am to 10  pm 

Available for readings NOW just text time length of reading and you could be having a reading 10 minutes later

Once confirmed click on to  payment (buy now button ) 

squall down to amount agreed payment pay 


The time / date and price you would like your telephone reading,  latest time slot you can book is 9.30 pm.  

 I will text back to confirm date / time and confirm price and approx. how long the reading will last.


All is correct   = you make payment by Paypal (ON MY  PAYMENT PAGE) .


Once received I will text or email phone line or mobile number to call.

 (Please state which or Phone line number will be given) to call me at the agreed time.

 If it runs a little over no problem will not hang up on you nothing extra to pay .

Private what is discussed, what is said stop when the call finishes.    That’s it.


Telephone Readings our becoming a very popular way to have a reading, but can be very expensive.

" No hidden extras .Because you call me! "

" Please note "

If you are late ringing me that time may be deducted from your reading Also I will not answer the phone before confirmed time. Once reading is complete or time is up. The call will end .Please note I will only answer calls from the given number at booked times So you will not be able to contact me that way again unless booked .Plus I will not do readings on any other number so please do not ring me about your reading or any problem you have expecting another reading.  You may however Email me and I will email  you a card plus discuss your concerns


ONLY £5.00 One question 1 Card Email reading answered 
with in 24 hrs of your text message 

 Please text me 07547 832037 after payment with your name

Email me  amber_julie@btinternet.com  a photo  your question, full name  and date of birth

Sit down think of your question and Pick 3 random numbers 1 to 23 include these numbers with your email   


Only £10 Email Readings 4 plus cards ONE Question only

This is not only a convenient way; it also gives you your reading in print

so being able to refer to it when required.

Once payment has been made  Please text me 07547 832037 with your name .

Email me  amber_julie@btinternet.com  A photo and your question,

 full name  and date of birth

Sit down think of your question and Pick 5 random numbers 1 to 23 

include these numbers with your email 

I will email you your cards and reading with in 24 hours . I also give you 48 hrs to reply where you can ask questions about your reading you have .If necessary I will extend your reading adding any further cards necessary. Once complete any further readings will be classed as a new reading and payment will have to be made.

 Please email me if you would like more information.
Email   amber_julie@btinternet.com

Year ahead email reading, Card a month click on for more information 

 Year Ahead Reading / KEEP SAKE CARD / ANGEL CARD Thought for the day

This reading will give you a insight to the year ahead  through each month giving you insight to what month would be best to push for  job promotion , love relationship moving starting a new project for example . 

You can also receive an email each month with one of your chosen cards for that month with further insight to that month .And you will also have the opportunity to email me and ask a question relating to the card As cards are for that moment in time you might later down the line chose to change paths here is where this Year ahead reading will really help you move forward by seeing ahead and being able to look back on your feelings to see why .             

  Please call  07547 832037 or Email amber_julie@btinternet.com me 

Tex me your name and Moblie Number  
Moblie No  07547  832037

These are for entertainment purpose only  18 yrs plus

By Law i must add these are all for entertainment purpose only . I do not except any responsibility for your actions or choices .A reading is for that moment in time  to give you food for thought noway intended to tell you what to do.You have your own free will to do as you please To chose to have a reading with me is excepting this and again i will not except blame for any action you take No one under 18 + can have a reading .