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    • (( This Months Special offers ends February 1st  ))

    • Telephone readings can now be paid by credit card over phone (paypal)
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      • Please scroll down and read  the disclaimers and information about the offered reading before making payment Thank you . 

        • This is a short reading to help you see your question more clearly using your chosen cards.

        • "A longer more informative reading £18 for 30 minutes £25 for hour plus "

        • Sometimes all you need is to take a step back from a situation and see it from another point of view or just to re see it from a different perspective .       

        •  A short 15 minute reading is also an ideal way to find out if a telephone reading is for you.

        • We all prefer to talk to someone face to face interaction with each other form a bond and relax, communication can flow.  So find it hard to believe a reading over the phone can be as informative and the question i often get is How do you connect ?. There is no science to answer it is simply we can Spirit has no walls to block them 

        • ( Private reading Only £40 for a  reading up to one hour

        • can come to your home (travel expenses will be added priced using postcode distance ) or come to me   
            • ONLY £45 for 1+ hour reading )       

            • £25 for a one hour PLUS !!! Telephone reading 
            • Some times you have more than one question mind is full were do you start well take a deep breath and lets start at the beginning 
            • "ITS good to talk"

            • When you feel at ease the cards open up Spirit guides talk and your reading can be more informative  .

    Introduction to Tarot Workshop coming soon in Norwich NR1 and in Lt Plumstead Norwich NR13 Please if you our interested contact me asp 07547830327 as booking hall soon Thank you

    Introduction to Tarot cards  (Please call me 07547832037 for more information) 

    Start of a journey of discovery into the beauty of Tarot cards reading

    3 hour workshop getting to know your cards history of Tarot

    £30 refreshments cake supplied usually like 6+ attending held village hall .

    • Lean to read Tarot Workshop  1 to 1  only £39 + travel expenses 

    • why not get a friend or two and learn together at a reduced price of £30 each

      • TAROT  READING  PARTY up to 8 guests 
      • £70 for 2 Hours (for a party starting from 10 am latest start 5 pm )
      •  Also hoist £10 off a hour + private / telephone  reading  (Can not be used with any other offer) 
      •    £80 for 2 hours  (for party starting from 6 pm latest start 8 pm) 
      • Travel expenses will be added according to postcode distance 
      • please ask before booking thank you 
      • £10 for every 30 minutes after up to 4 extra guests 
      • Please state hours when booking thank you  
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      • (( Reiki session ONLY ! £20 for 30 minutes ))

      • " Reiki Offer "

         Julie Grimes ( Reiki Teacher / Master )

        Trial price 30 minute Reiki in the comfort of your home ONLY £20 !                                      (( Including travel expenses if you live within 10 miles of NR13 5JR postcode ))

        Reiki for the Mind, Body and Spirit

        You do not have to be ill or have an injury.

        I have found over the years more people our coming for relaxation.

        Mobile Number 07547832037 

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      • Please scroll down and read  the disclaimers and information

      •  about the offered reading before making payment Thank you . 


      • On making payment you have read and have agreed and understand 

      •  the disclaimers and information about the offered reading .


  • Email me ( ) copy and paste email address 
  • or Phone / text me 07547 832037 To book Time / date of Tarot reading party ,Private and  Telephone reading  before making payment please .

  • By Law i must add these are all for entertainment purpose only . I do not except any responsibility for your actions or choices .A reading is for that moment in time  to give you food for thought noway intended to tell you what to do.You have your own free will to do as you please To chose to have a reading with me is excepting this and again i will not except blame for any action you take No one under 18 + can have a reading .
    • By Law i must add these are all for entertainment purpose only and I take no responsibility for your actions.  I offer an insight from my experience and knowledge of the cards and spirit guides .The message is from the cards chosen from yourself for your question it does not answer or give you direct indication on what to do. The reading is just a way to help your mind see the question in a new perspective.        

      The cards are for that moment in time to give you a better insight to your question at that moment in time. It’s your free will , your decision ,the message from cards chosen are there to help you see a clearer road ahead to you question not answer it.

    •    On making payment you have read and have agreed and understand  the disclaimers and information about the offered reading . 

    • This is for entertainment purpose only 18 years plus.