Questions and Answers

A few questions people have asked over the years

Why come for a reading and what can it help with? / What are readers?  / Telephone reading and the benefits? And what is the difference with a reading with you and a well-known Telephone services out there. Having   a mini reading at a Mind body Spirit fair.

Hope these answers will help

Now I read tarot cards they can give you an insight to what is happening in your life .see a problem / situation from another point of view. In a reading they open you up so you might have come for ; I want to  know if love is around the corner / when / where will the love of my life appear or does he still love me / will he come back. To find the cards directing you into a more positive direction and seeing your world your path is more at this moment in time something completely different and the cards flow .your leave with a spring in your step and a purpose.

Readers  are here to help we have a gift Psychic, Medium whatever you like to call it that helps you in a reading with the cards Tarot, Angel ,Oracle, Medicine cards to a crystal ball Our guides are adjusting to modern technology so readings on Skype, Telephone our possible because sometimes you just cannot go to see a reader.

This is where Mind body spirit  fairs play there part because you can see what it’s like have a mini reading if you like the reader a telephone reading later you now the person .

Yes short 15/20 minute reading can help answer a question perfect at fairs when you come to browse see a reader you like. This can lead to a start of a journey with the reader to get you on the right path see a future with a private 1+hour  reading or telephone reading with the reader at a later date  or answers the question and all sorted 15 minutes money well spent . You book a 20 minute telephone reading answers your question all sorted money well spent.  Or it can lead to a start of a journey with the reader.

Telephone reading services have a good purpose because sometimes being anomalous you can even give a false name makes you feel safe the person on the other end is there to offer you a reading that is not personal help you see light at the end of the tunnel different path and at 2 in the morning you are screaming in your head will he come back, will I find love!!!!!!!  Or on a more serious note will I get a job soon, how will I cope there is a number to call and there will be someone on the other end. Readers can help you see a light at the end of the tunnel or look at the situation from another angle lead you on another path different way of thinking give your ideas you haven't thought about. This can take time and at £1.50 plus a minute. Or the call end because credit has run out   .

(Same as what you would get from having a reading at a fair, private one to one or a telephone reading with a reader who offers on their Facebook page or website).  


Why book a telephone reading with me rather than use a telephone service

A telephone readings at a set price starting from £10 .

You have an advantage that you email me first .you most likely now me from a fair or my websites. You have paid a set price if it runs over a little the phone doesn't go off or you are not running up a bill.

I offer telephone readings on my website and Facebook you can book a reading for the same day / time of your choice long as you text me from 9.30 am no later than 6 pm latest time slot you can book is 9.30 pm or book a reading for a later date /time you then make payment  set price for 20 /30 or 40 minute reading  (1 + hour reading is available )  once received I will text or email phone line or mobile number to call (Please state which or Phone line number will be given) to call me at the agreed time. If it runs a little over no problem will not hang up on you nothing extra to pay and it is private what is discussed, what is said stop when the call finishes.    That’s it.

Number to text as well as more information prices on my please click on to my Private, Telephone Skype and Email Reading page

Email me if you have any questions